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At the heart of Geum are Leanne and Sian. Our paths crossed 5 years ago, when Sian started her floristry life working for Leanne at Bumble and Wild and ever since then we always knew we'd make an awesome duo one day.

Leanne's love for flowers began at home with both her Great Grandma and Mum playing influential roles in her flowery world. The knowledge and experience of gardening, nature and flower growing that she has been exposed to from her childhood to now is invaluable. Leanne's floral journey officially started 11 years ago and she always says she hasn't had nice nails since! Whilst owning her own successful shop, Leanne taught Sian everything she knows (even if she does hate to admit it).

In recent years, Sian has become to love the floral world after being introduced to the most charming flowers nature has to offer. Her style and taste in flowers has been influenced by this and the people she's worked alongside in her floral journey so far. It became apparent very quickly that we both share the same love for flowers, nature, tea and we sometimes even share the same thoughts. Both of us are incredibly dedicated to creating floral beauties in the most natural and wild way possible.

And now we're here...

You've read a little bit about us and our journey into flowers and it's time for us to bring the flowers to you. Whether it's flowers to a friend, celebrating a big event, saying your goodbyes to a loved one or maybe even a little treat for yourself, we've got you! The beauty of buying from a small, local business, like ours, means it's us picking, arranging and delivering all your floral goodies in and around the Cotswolds.
geum florist about us sian
geum florist sian and leanne

something really important to us...

Flowers are one of the most natural resources possible yet for years, the floristry industry has regularly adapted it's ways to become less and less nature friendly. At Geum, we strongly believe in taking things straight back to nature and making sure that in every aspect of our business, sustainability is paramount. And because it's important to us, we want it to be important to you too.

Did you know that some (if not all!) of the flowers in each bouquet we make are grown by us on our cutting patch, and if we haven't grown it, then we source from other British growers too.

We strive to bring to you what nature intended into your homes and at any event flowers may be a part of.

"Let us live like flowers do: wild and beautiful." - Ellen Everett
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